Disco ball light show

Disco ball light show

Welcome to Art Divinity, the producers of geometric art prints and these unique light shows.

The light shows that we produce are traditionally animated slide based productions. Several hundred different slides go into these projects to end up with a video a little over 1 minute long. These light show do have effects similar to strobe lights etc and we do advise caution for anyone at risk of epilepsy or any other potential condition.

No lights are actually used however, in the making of these videos. It is the rapidly shifting colours that create the effect. It is unlikely that you would find anything quite like these anywhere on the internet.

We love making these light shows and we hope that you love watching them too.

The following video is called Disco ball. Enjoy!

Trippy huh?

As i said, there are a growing number of these videos over on my Art divinity channel

In addition to these light shows, i also produce geometric artwork for sale in the form of photo, canvas or framed prints. Very intricate artworks like the one below.

Power of diamonds

Power of diamonds

Check out our Artpal  shop to view the products we offer.

Thank you.
Art Divinity

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